My organization skills rock.

Do ya’ll know what this is?

It’s a twisted, mutilated, tangled mess of Christmas lights that has caused my nerves to tingle and twitch.

Sooooo glad that I put the lights away properly after taking down last year’s Christmas tree.  I am soooo happy about this ball of lights, I could just puke.  Bring on the holidays.



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13 responses to “My organization skills rock.

  1. City Slicker

    Well, at least you finally took down the Christmas tree!

  2. I’ll be doing this later today, although mine are neatly wrapped – I can’t help it – it’s a disease!

    I think this is why people leave their lights up all year long, no wrapping or untangling involved. No storing either, perhaps I’ll try this (although the dead brown garland might be a fire hazard).

    Glad you’re back 🙂

    • cheesychick

      That is one disease that I wish I had…to be organized all the time. But it will never happen.

      Hey, the first comment has more truth in it than humor. At least, I finally took down the tree from last year! They have been known to stay up till August!

  3. I’m so organized, I would NEVER have lights that look like that. *ugh, choke, cough* Really. =)

  4. Pam

    Good luck with that (o:
    Hope the kitchen looks as good as the front room.
    Great pic of picking a Christmas tree.

    • cheesychick

      I have not started on the kitchen yet…we are still working on decorating that dag gum tree. It’s tall…whose idea was it to get such a tall tree? Those blasted youngin’s, I believe.

  5. I recently found your blog through a friends blog. I spent quite a bit of time reading back through your posts and had to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Your posts are refreshingly honest and just plain fun! We farm in Maine and I gotta tell ya we have alot in common 🙂
    Thanks for a few minutes enjoyment and no stress.
    I needed it.

    Good luck with your tree and the lights — I’m of the opinion that strings of lights were invented just to drive common folk to drink 🙂

  6. Holy cow! I have the same lights. Lots of them. I unwound & deknotted a few sets when it was warmer here and strung them out on the porch. I noticed last night that one set wasn’t lit. Oh well, I’ll wait until it’s warm again before I mess with that.

  7. I’ve gotten really organized – I totally skip the whole tree thing. 3 years ago we weren’t going to be home for Christmas so we didn’t have a tree. What a joy! No tree, no hassle, no mess. 2 years ago DH asked if we were going to have a tree. I told him to go cut one. He never got around to it. No tree, no hassle, no mess. Last year he asked if we were going to have a tree. I said to go cut one, and while he was at it he could decorate it, take it down in a few weeks, and clean up. You guessed it – no tree, no hassle, no mess. This year he’s not even asking. I did get a nice big wreath that’s already decorated. Funny thing, the less I do for the holidays the more I enjoy them.

  8. Tab

    Girl, It’s going to take me a month of Sundays to read all this stuff. I guess we should get together more often.

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