I don’t know what to title this post. “Move to Trash?”

I typed that headline in and it (my stupid computer) immediately asked me if I wanted to move my post to trash. What? How does it (my stupid computer) know that this post is going to suck? I’m thinking my (stupid) computer is smarter than me and isn’t so stupid after all. Maybe it’s my past track record with my posts. Okay, computer, you win. This post most certainly will suck but we aren’t going to move it to trash just yet.

Guess what? The farmer’s market is over for the season. Thank goodness to Joseph, Mary and the donkey they rode in on. (I stole that line from my partner, Katie. She uses it and I idolize her so I have to copy her!)  Anyway, I have nothing to do these days except blog. Ha ha ha ha. I’m so funny that I should go on tour.

No, really, I do have some extra time so guess what I have been doing? Cleaning my house. I just cleaned it, like, last May; I don’t know how or why it’s this filthy again.  I have one room done and I have found that all I do is stay in this room and stare at the cleanliness of it. I keep putting off moving to the next room.  The rest of the house is a disaster zone…I kid you not.

 Look…it’s clean. Wow. It only took me 4 days to accomplish this small feat. I shall now show you what kitchen looks like.

 I tried using the vaccuum to clean this mess up.

 Then I realized that the vaccuum was not going to do the job. It would require  an atomic bomb to rid the counter of this caked on, hardened flour mess. So, Cranky used this tool instead. Cranky has big muscles so he was able to manhandle the scraper without much difficulty.  My solution was to bring the pressure washer into the kitchen but after that mess the one time in the upstairs bathroom, Cranky frowns on me using it in the house anymore.  But geez, did that pressure washer ever take off the soap scum and residue in the shower! It also took off the tiles, the grout and the caulking but it sure was a clean shower. I was debating the use of fossil fuels verses harsh cleaning chemicals to clean that disgusting shower and the pressure washer won the heated debate inside my head. Plus, my pressure washer is just a hoot to use. I wrote my name on the shower walls with the power washer wand. Come on…you know a pressure washer is a cool little machine when it has the word, “wand” in it. It’s like magic.  Cranky bought me the pressure washer as a birthday gift one time. It ranks right up there with the best gifts ever like the tap head for my weed whacker and my rototiller. All gifts courtesy of the Crankster. That boy knows I don’t like diamonds or fancy dinners.  The way to my heart is power equipment and water buffalo. But why won’t he buy me water buffalo?

So, back to what else I have been wasting my time with. Oh, we went to get our Christmas tree yesterday.  Katie and her husband sell Christmas trees on their little farm so I bartered some whole wheat flour or something for a huge, huge tree. Here is the youngin’s with the tree they picked out.

They are punks, I tell you. Who dresses them?  Do they have a mother?  Evidently, she has no idea how to patch holes in clothing.

Here is Cranky inhaling carbon monoxide exhaust from the chain saw.  The heck with a bow saw for this job. We would still be there today if we let those youngin’s of ours cut it down with a handsaw. They would have got in some knock down, drag out fight deciding who gets to saw down the tree first.

And there the tree is…still on the truck. I’ll get it in the house one of these days…when I clear a path to get it in.  So, I better get this post finished or else move this post to the trash.



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4 responses to “I don’t know what to title this post. “Move to Trash?”

  1. I love your living room!

    • cheesychick

      Thanks, although you should have seen it before. There was just a path through it. How does one let it get like that?

      I am so glad to hear from you…it’s been forever and a day. Hope all is well. So, so glad to hear from you!


  2. That one young ‘un is becoming a weed!

  3. Cheesy….you just freakin’ make me laugh! Powerwasher inside? Of course!

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