Me? You want to know about me? Really?

Well, gee whiz, between eating bon-bons, smoking cigs, watching

the soaps, and drinking skunked beer, I’m a busy gal.  I kid, I kid.

Seriously, I love my life on this Pennsylvania farm with my cranky husband,  four looney youngins, my handicapped momma, my

junk fetished farmer daddy and my blind brother. Seriously.

And me? I have a seriously warped sense of humor.  And I use the

word, “seriously” way too much…Seriously.


5 responses to “Me? You want to know about me? Really?

  1. City Slicker

    You got the warped part right!

  2. cheesychick

    This comment coming from someone who lives in California. Talk about warped. Need I say more, my dear pen pal?

  3. Hey, I am a Pennsylvanian too…well, I used to be. I grew up in NW PA in a little slice of Heaven called Forest county…seriously! I can’t wait to read through your blog…looks like fun. And I resemble the child labor pictures you show of the kids cutting wood. My bro and I cut a powerful lot of wood growing up…in Forest county of course! Seriously!

  4. Hey there, haven’t heard from you in a while. How are things going? And I’m just dying to know what crazy thing you’re doing this summer!

  5. Hi. Just checking in to see if you’re still alive and kickin’.

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