October 2014 Newsletter



You are finally getting a Yeehaw Farm newsletter. This means one of two things; our bat shit crazy summer is finally winding down. In fact, it seems that we may be preparing for winter instead finally getting to enjoy this glorious fall a bit more. And a second reason, I am forcing myself to sit down and focus on the task at hand…this newsletter. I have often said that I suffer from an adult form of attention deficit disorder. I don’t stay on task very easily and if I see something shiny, I’m a goner! Ha.

As stated above, our summer was a bat shit crazy one. It usually is and this summer was no different. It flew by. Just when I was saying a prayer that my punk kids were out of school for the summer and could pick up some of the work slack, they were back in learning groove again while I was left trying to figure out how to get everything done that needed done without their help. It’s almost November, two months into all this school schmuck, and I’m still having difficulty with time management. Ultimately, that probably comes down on my lack of time management skills and nothing to do with my punks being back in school! Ha.

News update on our new farm store- Um…not really much to report except that we thought for sure that we would be open in September or October of 2014. Um…that didn’t happen. We knew that there would be glitches and lots of problems with building it ourselves but never figured that it would take this long to build it.  We are now shooting for a spring 2015 Grand Opening as we finally poured the concrete floor this past Monday. Thomas did all the work himself with a bit of help from our son, Seth, Tommy’s dad and a couple of Tommy’s cronies. It’s a beautiful floor, by the way! Next up are the roof and the walls. After that, we hope to be able to work on the inside over the winter months so that we are fully ready to open in the spring. There are still lots of details to hash out as Tommy and I are already butting heads on certain things. Of course, my way is the RIGHT way. Duh. Aside from our bickering over the siding and trim colors, we are very excited about our new farm store and hope that once it’s open, you can stop and visit with us there.  We will keep you posted on our progress or lack of, whichever it may be.

In general Yeehaw Farm news, we recently planted our winter wheat this past Monday as well. I’m telling ya, I am not happy unless I have Tommy’s nose to the grindstone ALL the time. We are about a month or so behind with our fall crops but whatcha gonna do? We still have rye, another field of heritage wheat and our garlic to plant and then…I do believe that we done with planting for the 2014 year. We also need to dig about an acre of potatoes out of the ground for our winter storage. We hope to get on that job this weekend.

In animal news, the critters grew like bad weeds this past summer with all the rain that made the grass grow. The rain kept the pastures fully covered in thick, rich green grass so we were able to graze our animals without a hitch. Well…there may have been a time or two when the cows, goats, sheep and pigs got out of their fences but for the most part, it’s been an uneventful grazing season. Like I said, we had a few uprisings from the beef cows, more so than any other animal this summer. But after we removed a few testicles from the bulls, the testosterone levels depreciated and all has been calm on their home front. The sheep and goats are now back on our baled hay that we put up this past summer but our cows, both beef and dairy herds are still grazing on some pretty lush grass. Yes, even in October.

We had two new dairy cows to deliver healthy bull calves in late September and early October. We named the bull calves, Gary and Herbert and they too, are growing like bad weeds. Both of their mothers were first time heifers so we have two new cows which came onto the milking line, bringing our total number of cows that we are hand milking twice a day to eight!  We have plenty of milk, butter, yogurt, and other dairy products so if you know of anyone would like to join our dairy herd share, openings are available. Thanks in advance for helping to spread the word about our dairy herd share, if you become a salesman (woman) for us!

With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, we will have turkeys available to purchase. It’s a little late for a Thanksgiving ham (it takes a while to cure hams) but now is the time to order a Christmas ham from us. If interested in either a turkey for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, please let us know as soon as possible so that we know how many to process for the holidays.

Oh, and speaking of Christmas, we will also have Yeehaw Farm Store gift certificates (of any value) available to purchase for use in either the current Yeehaw Farm Store or the new one, which will be located at 1600 State Road, Duncannon PA 17020. If looking for an unique Christmas gifts, our farm store will be stocked with Yeehaw Farm t shirts, hats and other great stocking stuffer items! Shop local for the holidays and support family farms! Do it! Because I said so, dang it!

That’s all the news for now.

As always; much love and thankfulness from your farmers for your business,

Tom, Judi and the gang at Yeehaw


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