Enough already

If Ronald Reagan was still alive (and hypothetically,  if he ever stood in my living room because you know,  Ronnie and I were like, totally tight.  You know,  like, big time buds?), I know he would stand there, smoke blowing out his ears, reddened face, fist clenched and shaking it into the air, all the while demanding, “CHEESYCHICK, TAKE DOWN YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE!”

Okay…okay, I’m on it.

Geez…I really hate it when an ex dead president gets on my case about my Christmas tree that is STILL up.

Okay, really, it’s not Ronnie who is demanding that I take it down.  Cranky has put his foot down and my kiddos are embarrassed to have friends over because the tree is still up.

I liked it better when I pretended an ex dead president was telling me what to do.



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7 responses to “Enough already

  1. Its goat food now, not a tree…

    • cheesychick

      When I eventually did take it out of the house, there aren’t even any needles for the goats! I did collect other trees in the neighborhood so they did get some Christmas munchies.

  2. Just throw it out in the yard…it can stay there months too!

  3. Ours has the ornaments off but is still on the porch. You know, that way everyone who drives by can still enjoy it…

  4. City Slicker

    Poor kids…their crazy mom is talking to dead presidents and they have an embarrassing tree in their house….put another dollar in the therapy jar!

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