It’s becoming an obsession and I’m concerned

One fish, two fish, DEAD fish!

So, I’m wondering.  Should I be concerned that all my four little twit children want to do is sit on our frozen pond and ice fish ALL day long?

What is that sitting in the middle of our pond?

That would be my four heathen children, one cousin and their little dog in the middle of our frozen pond…ice fishing.

There they are, four heathen children, one cousin and one little dog in the middle of frozen fishing.

What’s wrong with them…seriously?

My oldest twit and little wonder dog sitting on the ice.

Yes, that child is sitting on the ice.  Has he no brain?  Or does choose not to use it?

My third son little twit sitting on the ice.

This boy evidently chooses not to use his brain either.  There must be something wrong with him too?

My second twit son sitting on the ice.

For the love of God, can’t one of them figure out that the ice is freakin’ cold?

Aha! Someone using their brain a little.

Thank you baby girl for using some of your brain cells.  At least there is hope for someone in this family.  But on the other hand, you are sitting on a five gallon bucket on the frozen pond in 20 degree weather trying to catch a fish.  Enough said.  I think you may have inherited the same disease as your brothers have- inability to use their brains for practical reasons. last. If you call a fish a success story.

He is the champion, my friend…and he will keep on ice fishing to the end. (please sing this to the tune of  “We are the Champions” by Queen and you will dig it.  JUST DO IT, NOW!)

Okay, now that I have everyone singing, on to our previously scheduled program.

Wait…if I’m slightly deranged, then maybe that’s where my kiddos get their affliction for weirdness from.  Oh, geez…and I always blamed it on Cranky and his family genes.

Aren't these little ice holes cute?

So, I am worried a bit.  My punks love to fish.  They would rather fish than anything else in the world.  They had a chance to get off the farm today to get some culture but they chose to sit on that frozen pond…all day long

I worry when my baby girl fills out her first grade “get to know me” paper and it says she want to be a pro bass fisherwoman on it.  She wants to fish on the pro bass circuit.  When I was in 1st grade, I wanted to be a rodeo clown.  I didn’t even know there was a pro bass circuit when I was in first grade.

More dead fish. Nice.

You know that I am a huge advocate of the “Buy Fresh, Buy Local”  or the zero mile theory with food consumption, right?  Well, if you didn’t know, I am.  And as much as I buy into these well thought out and common sense visions of the ultimate food chain, I would rather buy Mrs. Paul’s frozen fish sticks that came from like, China or some other foreign country, than to sit on my bum on a frozen pond all day trying to catch fish for supper. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the common sense factor here.

"I want to be on the pro bass circuit too."

Great…even the dog’s brain is frozen too.  There has to be an end to this fishing madness.

I guess I could drain the pond.



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12 responses to “It’s becoming an obsession and I’m concerned

  1. Pam

    boy are they havin fun
    my oldest loved to fish and could stay with a friend at a pond all day (it was summer though).
    The youngest son never has liked it…go figure. For him it was cars and guns (o:

  2. Hey, 20 degrees is rather balmy. Now I would really worry about them if it was 20 below and they were out there!

  3. City Slicker

    I’m sure my boys would join right in and freeze their CA asses off!

  4. Tab

    Just wondering if anyone can join in the fishing. I wouldn’t mind teaching my 2 little monsters ice fishing. One problem, I don’t have the gear.

  5. I don’t care much about fishing but they definitely look like they’re having fun!

    • cheesychick

      I just checked out your blog. Pretty cool! I try to run too although, I’m not nearly as dedicated as you. My husband is a very dedicated runner, so much so it makes me want to puke sometimes.

      There were a few blog entries that really made me laugh. It was a great morning pick me up. Thanks.

      • Well, I’m not as dedicated as I would like right now, but hopefully someday I’ll get it together again…preferably before I run NYC next November.
        I am not even sure how I stumbled on your blog…hopping from other blog favorites got me here. Anyhow, really funny stuff 🙂

  6. Oh wait. I just realized I got here through My Home Among the Hills. So there you have it. You can blame Warren. 😉

  7. Landis Zimmerman

    Hello judi,
    I am stuck in Columbus, OH at a Holiday Inn. i was on the Greyhound bus on the way the the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY and got stranded because of the snow. Am supposed to be able to resume my journey tomorrow sometime. I had a chance to suft\f your website and really enjoyed it! You have a real talent there and is really down to earth about it all.
    I hope you j\got my package that I sent last week.
    Have a great day.
    Landis Zimmerman

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