No jelly doughnuts. What the heck?

I’m back from my long, long day. And there were no jelly doughnuts to be found anywhere at the greenhouse plastic covering ceremony.  But in the good news category, I did learn how to set up my greenhouse and cover it with plastic.   I also learned the proper way to attach rocks to the plastic when throwing the attached ropes over the greenhouse roof.  This will avoid ripping the plastic like what happened earlier today.  Good to know. My mental greenhouse list of “what to do” and “what not to do” is full. I can now set forth with setting my own greenhouse up.  Now, I just need the ambition to do it.

Now on to really important stuff…Help me out here.  Is this normal?

Our Hereford bull who obviously thinks he is a dog.

Why can’t he be like the other cows?  Noooo. Our bull has to sit on his bum and act like a watch dog.

See? The other cows are normal.

What's up with him?

So, that’s what today’s post is about…the lack of jelly doughnuts at a greenhouse raising and our bull…otherwise known as “The Dog.”

I think I need to think of some new material.



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7 responses to “No jelly doughnuts. What the heck?

  1. Whatever…Good to see you back!

  2. HAHA! I have a goat that sits like that. There’s something just not right about it. Dogs sit, not goats or bulls!

    • cheesychick

      I have not heard from you in forever. It is good to hear from you. How is life? I have not been on the computer too much but I still try to stop by your blog. That would be a cute photo if we could get my bull, your goat and a dog to sit like that!

      Take care and when it gets really cold down here, that’s when I will leave more comments and be in touch more!


      • Like you, I don’t have much chance to blog during good weather. Summers in northern NH are so short I have to take advantage of every good day we get. Been working on the barn but I really hurt my back recently so things take me a lot longer than usual to get done. OK, OK, I’ll embarrass myself and tell you what happened – I was using a log roller to move a REALLY big log, had all my weight into it when the roller slipped, sling-shotted me about 15′ back, landed on my backside. Didn’t think I hurt myself as I felt fine for about 2 days, then it started….. I know I should have used the tractor but the roller seemed like the easiest and quickest way at the time. But hey, I’m young (only 61), I’ll heal. BTW, picture of my sitting goat is at

  3. I wonder if the “set” that your bull has plays a roll. If he is hung like…a bull…he may not be able to get down any farther without significant issues?

    • cheesychick

      Only you.

      Only you would comment about my bull’s “set” and try to figure out his mentality for doing such a thing.

      What’s wrong with you? Must be that Forrest County thing and then converting to being a West Virginian. Really messed with your bald head!

      Hey, thanks for commenting. I have been touching base with your blog but I have not been leaving comments. Actually, I am brain dead and can’t think of anything witty to type.

      I have been wanting to tell you that remember when you posted that video about your drive home through all the WV hills, curves and turns? I watched that and got so sick in my stomach. I did not return to your blog for quite a while after that. It was like driving by an really bad accident on the highway, you know you shouldn’t look but you just can’t not look. That’s how it was with that video. I knew it was making my stomach sick but I just could not shut it off.

      What’s up with that?

      • I think it must be related to your general state of mind…sick indeed!

        You know. it’s funny…whenever I (and every other guy I know) drive by a farm animal, I can’t help but notice the “set”. I suppose it is envy…

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