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I never thought it would take me this long to get another post together as I thought my life would be slowing down a bit this fall. It certainly is not as busy as this past summer but I’m still pretty dog gone busy.  I only have two more farmer’s markets for the season and that is a good thing.  I am ready for a break. 

Since the last time I blogged, there has been a few notable happenings.

We had a Halloween Harvest Hoedown on the farm last weekend.  It was cold, wet, muddy and miserable but we still had a good time.  We usually have  hayrides, games and other fun party stuff but not this year.  We did, however, have a wonderful bluegrass band that played from 6pm until midnight. It was more or less like a jam session with players and pickers taking the stage at any time. And they sure played some great bluegrass music.

Our bandstand filled with bluegrass pickers.

Our pavilion filled with friends and kin folk listening to the music.

I think these two partied too much.

What else happened? Oh, yeah. My oldest boy got his first deer.  I am not a hunter myself but Cranky likes to partake in the slaying of innocent animals.  Needless to say, Cranky sure was proud of our son.  Cranky claims, “It was a hell of a shot!” Yadda, yadda, yadda.  I will just take the photos and pretend that I am so excited about this great  achievement when actually, all I wanted to do was get in out of the cold into the warmth of my house and sit on my bum.

Sorry about the blood.  I forgot to warn you there would be blood and gore in this post.


Just look at Cranky and how happy he is.  I have about 50 million other photos just like this.  They  just had to take a crap load of pictures all posing in the same pose of the dead deer, Cranky’s huge, proud smile and the spent bullet. This obviously was exciting stuff in their lives.

I guess one of the traditions of Cranky’s family is that you have to drag your first deer to the butcher shop, skin it yourself, drink the blood and eat the heart. (And pose for more pictures next to the dead deer.) I don’t know if this is bogus or not.  Truthfully, I don’t care.  Cranky took all the youngin’s, the dead deer,and the camera to the butcher shop and left me alone in the my warm house sitting on my bum.

Dragging the dead deer with no help from his brothers.


Is this the part where he eats the heart? I now understand why hunting is so fun.

Okay, enough about the dead deer, proud papa Cranky and ole dead eye, my son. 

I have to head off to bed now.  I have to be up early to help a friend put plastic on her new greenhouse at 7Am.  Seriously, who plans to put plastice on a greenhouse at 7 in the morning?  On a Sunday morning, no less?  Well, my friend, Elaine does.  And when I finally get around to setting up my greenhouse and putting on the plastic, guess what time I am going to do it?  At 7AM and Elaine’s butt better be here helping too.  She is serving donuts.  Really, that is the only reason that I am helping at 7AM on a Sunday morning.  I would never help someone out unless there is donuts involved. And she better have jelly filled too.


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  1. Judi, You missd your calling, you need to publish your wirings in a book. I am sitting here just snickering. And your photos are great. “Dog” is my favorite. There is a cow at the farm that sits like a dog in her stall all the time, she cracks me up! When I nned a pick me up , I will just log onto you…..

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