The Drama Queen


My baby girl wrecked her bicycle and became an instant drama queen.  I think I told her to “suck it up”. I’m so sympathetic.

God save the Drama Queen! Let it go, child. It was just a bicycle wreck.

The Queen celebrated her 6th birthday with one angel food cake and one huge whompin’ whoopie pie.

And then proceeded to give her cousin holy hum for something that ticked her off…yes…still the Drama Queen.

The Queen found out what the peons do when she interned as a short order cook. (and when I say, “short”, I say it literally as she needs a stool to reach the stove.)

The Queen swam in her underwear as previously mentioned. 

Spent some quality time with Pete, her royal donkey.

The Queen ordered her older brothers to boat her around the pond, like the royalty that she is…

so, she could do a little fishing. With her busy schedule and all those duties as the Queen, she finds it hard to find time for herself.

With her grand palace to look after…the Queen is so busy.

She just has to make time for fishing. And dear Queen…you really need to ditch the ratty, dirty, torn purple shirt. Don’t you have something better fit for the Queen that you are?

Ahhh…yes, that’s much better. Don’t wrinkle your nose at me! I am, after all, the original Queen’s Mum.

So many things to comtemplate in life…what’s a Queen to do?

Yep, that’s what I thought…fishing is good for the Queen’s soul.


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5 responses to “The Drama Queen

  1. Rose

    Love the one of the queen fishing/casting from the shore.

  2. Pam

    Love all the pics…but the last one is my favorite.
    Poor Queen that does look like a bad bike wreck. Mom, give a little sympathy and lots of hugs, cause in a few years she won’t want you to. (o:

  3. Hey, great blog…but I don’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please 🙂

  4. Well I had to hear you were back from a friend in Colorado – sniff, sniff…

    I had a feeling, but I just couldn’t bear to click again to no avail – so I didn’t!!

    But now I am glad I did.

    I think Drama Queen had some good training from her ma 🙂

  5. City Slicker

    What, do my eyes deceive me? Is she really wearing a dress? She deserves to be Queen with all those crazy boys around!

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