Yooohoooo! I’m back…just 3 months and 1 day later!

Holy cow! Three months? Where the hum have I been and what did I do in all that time?  I thought I would be back at blogging in August but I will soon be pushing October so I thought I better check in.

What’s up in my world? I am still residing at the boathouse. Not Cranky, though. He is still enjoying the peace and quiet of our old home. The boathouse has turned out to be a great place to live. The only problem we have encountered in living in a world 8 feet or so above water is the resident bull frog that has hindered a few night’s of good sleep. The first night, I seriously thought of pouncing on him at 3AM and having frog’s legs for the dinner the next night. Instead, I just covered my head with a pillow but I still heard him. BrrrRummm BrrrrRummm! And then, the other bullfrogs placed strategically around the pond would answer him…all night long. I do wonder what they were saying to each other in bull frog language? Is it bullfrog code for “Hey, other green dudes! This is my neck of the great big pond and do not even think of coming over here or I will kick your scrawny bullfrog @#*! ” Or, are they talking about the baseball scores and who’s team is going to make it to the World Series? Do bullfrog’s watch baseball? Or do they make fun of the resident fish that also reside in the pond?  I wonder.

Anyway, this is my boathouse.The boathouse 

 It’s a cute little shack, isn’t it? And get this? It’s totally off grid with solar power. Check out the solar panel on the roof.

solar panelThe point of my summer adventure’s is yes…to annoy my children but it was to originally teach them to live without all the modern conveniences that we are so used to in our lives. No electricity, tv, phone and all that crap. You know? Just a simpler life with talking, reading and having fun together. Okay, I admit, the inverter thing was just too tempting and we did have fun watching movies one rainy night with the portable DVD player. But the neat thing was…we used the sun’s stored power to watch those movies. I’m talking myself into the theory that it was educational for them even though we watched a totally stupid and far fetched movie that night.

So, we had electricity this year. But doesn’t the boathouse look so romantic and cozy with lights on at night?

Yep, we are all about romance around here…aren’t we, Cranky? I guess considering there are four youngin’s to show for it, there had to be some romance at some point in this unconventional marriage. He he he he. Speaking of romance…Cranky sure has not lost his touch, no?

Cranky passed out in the boathouse- July 4th weekend.
Cranky passed out in the boathouse- July 4th weekend.

Now, ya’ll try to contain yourselves. That boy is all mine and don’t go trying to steal him from me.  For Pete’s sake, I’ll just give him to you. No give backs, though. That’s my only stipulation. I kid, I kid. You know I’m not getting rid of that boy. He is my meal ticket and neither one of wants the kiddos so we will just stay together for convenience’s sake. I kid, I kid…again. Geez, it’s a joke.

So, we were really busy this summer…as the previous photo proves. Maybe in my next post, I’ll tell you what we really did.  I’ll try to do it before October.
Until then…


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8 responses to “Yooohoooo! I’m back…just 3 months and 1 day later!

  1. Scootie

    Glad ur back. I missed you girl.

  2. cheesychick

    Thanks…it’s good to be back. I missed my computer.

  3. Pam

    That looks like a great place to have an adventure. Still there??? Here in Colorado it has been cold and is snowing in the mountains. Crazy!! Glad to hear from you. Bet there are stories to tell 9o:

  4. Those frogs were debating who has to tell the crazy chick in the boat house that she is not frog and therefore can’t be a permanent resident on the area…those frogs are so picky!

  5. So glad to have you back! Way too cool boat house. Are you sure those frogs weren’t sayin’ “Bud” “Weis”…. “Er”…

  6. Rose

    Sure – I take a vacation and you log back on.

    Really like the solar panel. That’s the best part to me. I want to do my house next…

  7. Emily

    Oh my gosh! That is like the boathouse Taj Mahal. I may be looking to rent a room from you next summer. Looks like fun!!

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