Busy as a bee and a whackjob momma

Well, holy moly, I have not been able to blog for two weeks.  I have been so busy…like my bees, who are plotting, as I write this, to swarm and get the heck out of dodge.  I am pretty ticked at my bees.  Couldn’t they see that I have been a little busy?  They had to see me in these last couple weeks, driving by on a tractor, or working in the garden, or building fence, or taking care of youngin’s and animals, or getting hit by a hit and run driver in the Sheetz parking lot?  I was getting around to putting the supers on for some extra room in their digs, but no, they have to jump the gun and get ready to move on to bigger and better places.  Well, you just go you little twits.  You just see how easy it is on your own without your sugar water and your nice litte cramped quarters.  I will lavish all my attention on the hive that has chosen to stay on as my servants of honey production.  I’m not going to play your little swarming games.  Just go and see how this big, bad world works.  I bet you all get eaten by bears.

This is one of my little worker bees when we had a cordial relationship.  She fell into the feed tank and I saved her, but do I get any thanks for that humane gesture?  Noooo. (Yep, I know…the photo sucks. I still have yet to read the owner’s manual for the camera.)

I’m not bitter about my bees moving on…I really have not had time to even check on them. I can’t blame them.  I have not been a faithful bee keeper.  Things are going to change from here on out.  I will get organized with my life and be able to keep up with everything.  Yep…okay…not going to happen but I like to get cocky with myself every now and then and pretend that I am “the Woman”.  I am woman, hear me roar. 


I’m not drunk…at least I don’t think I am.  I am so tired that I quite possibly might be just silly and goofy.  Wait…I’m like this all the time but I do try to clean up my blog and pretend that I am normal.  I guess you could say I put on the dog blog.  Ha. I kill me.

I read a couple weeks ago, in our local paper that the key to blogging is to blog regularly,provide alot of links and keep your posts short.  It will keep people coming back.  Well…sucks to be me (or you) because that just ain’t gonna happen here.  I don’t have time to blog regularly over the summer, I have no idea how to link and me…keep anything short and sweet?P-pleasssse. 

Here’s the scoop.  I am taking a summer sabbatical from blogging. First off, I just can’t keep up with regular blogs over the summer.  I am too busy on the farm.  It’s down right crazy on the farm right now.  How do other farmers get everything done that they do?  I probably would get more accomplished in a day if I would lay off the bon-bons and the skunked beer.  It’s just so hard to give it up when I am so addicted.

We finally got the last field of soybeans planted today.  Cranky celebrated by drinking a whole case of beer himself.  Okay, it wasn’t a whole case.  Let’s just say, he drank alot of beer in joyous celebration.  Cranky is one of those people who really just likes loves the taste of beer.  He doesn’t drink it to get drunk, he drinks it because he really likes beer. (“And it makes him a jolly old fellow, he likes beer…whiskey’s too rough, champagne costs too much, vodka puts his mouth in gear, so this little refrain should help him explain, as a matter of fact, he likes beer!”-sung to the tune of the greatest Tom T. Hall song ever.)   Can you believe that I love Tom T. Hall?  Does anyone know who Tom T. Hall is?  Someone? 

Usually, there is a week or two window after the beans are in the ground before we cut hay but not this year.  We are a little behind getting the beans in and the hay has been ready to cut for a week now. So now, it is on to hay making season, then harvest the wheat, then oats, then the second cutting of hay (if we are blessed with rain), then…the list goes on. So, my point? I will be busier than that one legged man from here on out till fall.

My second reason for not blogging over the summer?  I will be leaving the confines of my house and living a somewhat…shall we say, “primitive” lifestyle over the summer.  Last summer, I got a brainstorm idea to live in this for the summer.  “This” is an outfitter’s tent. (The photo of the outfitter’s tent was supposed to be right here but it is a scanned photo and I do not have a clue how to size it correctly. Work with me here, I am not gifted with computer proficiency.) 

I had been bugging Cranky for quite a while that I wanted an outfitter’s tent to live in with the youngin’s for a summer.  I had this idea that one day, when I die, I envisioned my youngin’s sitting around the kitchen table on the night of my wake, telling stories and reminiscing about their momma.  I can hear the words now coming out of one of their smart@*# mouths, “Remember that summer, Momma made us live in that outfitter’s tent?  She was such a whackjob!” If one of my children utters those words, I promise not to haunt them from my grave. My life’s work as a mother will be complete. 

Outfitter’s tents are expensive so Cranky told me that I would have to wait till I found one for a good deal.  He told me this to passify me, never thinking that I would actually find one. I evenually did found one that was too good of a deal to pass up, so Cranky left me buy it.  Last summer, we set it up and I lived in it all summer with all four youngin’s.  Cranky wanted nothing to do with living in this primitive manner and chose to stay at our house all summer.  He has no idea what he missed out on.  It was quite possibly the best summer of my life.  No tv, no electric, no phone, just me and the youngin’s living on the farm in a tent.  We read alot of books at night by flashlight and we listened to bluegrass music every Sunday night by turning the handle on a hand crank portable radio.  It truly was the greatest summer ever.  The only problem with this “great” idea?  The youngin’s now want to do something like this every summer.  They have come up with a few ideas…a pontoon boat with a tent.  I guess you could call that a redneck houseboat.  Another idea is a large treehouse.  I like that idea.  They also want to stay in the caboose for a summer.  Have you seen that baby with all it’s Sweet and Low packets all over the floor?( This is where it would be great if I knew how to link to a previous post.  Silly me, I am so computer stupid!  Anyway, for those of you just joining me, a while back, I took you on a tour of my caboose as one of my posts. Yes, a real caboose…not my butt.)

So, we are going to do something different…we just aren’t sure what it is yet.  I will be away from my computer pretty much all summer.  I will try to stop in once in a while and let you know how we are doing and what we decided for our summer residence. I’m thinking a boathouse.  Wonder what Cranky will think of that idea? 

Until then…have a great summer and I will see you in the fall when we return to our regularly scheduled program.  



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9 responses to “Busy as a bee and a whackjob momma

  1. Sounds like fun. I haven’t lived in a tent for any longer than six weeks, we took family trip (on 2 different occasions) that lasted 6 weeks. One year we traveled to California via the southern states and one year to Colorado via the northern states. We stayed in a camp ground every night to save cash. So just about every morning we packed everything up and headed out, we occationally would stay in the same place for a few days or even a week if we liked it. It was a really fun summer. We did a shorter trip (3 weeks) up through New England on year as well.

    Your kids will remember these fun times forever.

  2. OH yeah, see you in the fall!

  3. Deere Driver

    Whack Job…OK! but you can’t shut us off. I need a post card!

  4. Pam

    What a great great did I say great Mom you are! That is so cool. Were there snakes…sorry that would not be acceptable (o: Seems like the caboose would be hot. Guess you have to have a lake to do a house boat (o: Anyway, be sure to journal in a notebook and have the kids do that to. What great memories. I smell a book from that adventure. I think I am pretty sure I have a cranky… he would never do that. We did go camping with the kids though and that is the best memories possible. Campfires, flashlights and fishing (o: I am so with you about no computer savvy. Have a great summer and blessings to you and the youngins (o: (well cranky too)

    • cheesychick

      Thanks for the comments and compliments. Yes, there were snakes. There are always snakes around where we live but I am not afraid of them and try to teach my children to respect them. I am always picking up blacksnakes (non-poisonous) for the youngin’s to touch and hold. Although, I would not have been acceptable if one curled up to me in the tent at night! After a week, I installed a floor in the tent. It was too damp in the morning when we woke up so I used a truckload of skids and put down some braided rugs. It was so cozy after that. I thought that critters would try to crawl in that airspace in the skids but we never had any problems. Seriously with 4 kids, 3 dogs and the barn cats trying to sleep in the tent, would you want to hang out around us?
      I must confess that Cranky did sleep with in it towards the end of summer but only on weekends. I guess he did miss us! Believe it or not, Cranky loves to camp and we used to go camping quite a bit…before milking took over my life. That is actually a sore subject around our house!
      I am going to try to blog every now and again, especially whatever we decide to do for our summer digs. Looks like it is going to be a primitive boat house. Cranky started on it a couple weeks ago and has plans to finish it for us to stay in this summer. I’m starting to think that he likes us out of the house!
      Thanks again-

  5. I had a feeling you had posted…that’s funny tequila makes my mouth run. Tell Cranky to make some beer at home, it is sooooo good.

    I guess I will rely on ESP to know if you sit down at the computer.

    Have a great summer!

  6. warrenp94

    You are a whack job!

    Did you catch your swarm? You could have 2 hives then!

    Anyhow, have fun this summer…we’ll see you in the fall!

  7. DH used to keep bees. They hated me. No matter where I was in the yard or what I was doing they’d find a reason to sting me, only me. The last time I got stung I threatened to go after them with a can of Raid. A week later they swarmed – the whole hive. Haven’t seen any of them since.

    Sounds like fun summer plans. Busy here too but your summer sounds far more interesting. Enjoy.

  8. I was wondering if you are going to be back in a couple of weeks for an update.. please.. I love updates!!! It is busy on a farm ALL the time, but summer is the hardest next to spring and fall, maybe winter.. oh who am I trying to kid. *snort*

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