Long time, no blog.

Howdy All! I can’t sleep tonight…or rather today.  It’s 4AM, it seems as though it should still be considered night.  I have not posted in forever and thought I would make use of my sleep disorder.  Tomorrow…oops, today at 4PM, I’m going to be a dragging my sorry butt around wishing that I would have taken some type of serious sleep aid drug. No matter. I’m awake so I must blog.

Life is good again.  It has been a rough time since the fire but everyday, it gets easier.  This time of year would have been extremely busy for our family anyway but with everything that has happened, shoot…somedays, I do not which way to turn.  Something, somewhere, everywhere  I look needs done around the farm right away or yesterday.

Before I start rambling, just wanted to say thanks so much for all of your kind words and comments. The support and love that I received from my blogland friends was so comforting.  It truly was a blessing to be able to pour my heart and bitter soul into my words and have someone care.  The support we received from our neighbors, community and friends has been amazing.  I am most shocked at how our “development” neighbors have come through and done the most for us.  Those development neighbors have brought countless meals, sincere offers of help and took up a collection for the youngin’s to replace some of their 4H animals.  I guess that is what I get for ranting and raving about the housing developments that surround our farm in a previous post.  I must learn to mind my manners and like my momma always said to me, “If ya don’t have nothing nice to say about someone, keep your darn mouth shut, girl!”  Gotta love my momma.  She sure has a way with words and she never minces them.

Instead of my usual mindless chatter, I am going to fill your computer with photos of what life has been like in the last couple weeks.

The first photo is of my daddy scoring rows for our potatoes.  This photo was actually taken before the fire but just wanted to show what has taken up some of our time.  Our garden or truck patch, a term I just love to use, is a pretty big one.  We try to get started with planting as early as the weather will allow so we actually got the potatoes, onions and peas in the ground in March.  My goal is always St. Patty’s Day and we were pretty close this year.  Since that time, we have added quite a few more vegetables and the garden is well on it’s way.

We picked up our “new” used skid loader a couple days after the fire.  Thank you Farm Credit.  It is a little bit bigger than our old one and has a larger bucket.  I can’t see over the bucket when scooping manure so I don’t like it.  I liked the old one better.  Cranky* says I just have to suck it up and get used to it.  Cranky has a way with words too. *Notice that my boy, Tommy is back to me calling him “Cranky” again.  Somethings never change.
 Mercy, they look right stylin’ and profilin’ in their fishing garb, don’t ya think?  The youngin’s have snuck in a little trout fishing in the nearby creeks.  Fishing is by far their favorite past time in the world.  Oh, I guess it could be something worse like watching tv or playing mind sucking video games, so I will let them fish.  Actually, I do not have any choice, as they seek off from their chores to fish all the time.  Although, I am not sure if it’s the fishing they really like or the attire they get to wear when trout fishing. 

The girl caught this bass out of our pond and won the fishing tournament on that particular day.  Those little twits are always having a fishing tournament among themselves.  It gets pretty competitive and I don’t like all the ugliness that it brings out in them but I reckon it they are a fightin’ with each other, they are leaving some other innocent soul alone.  I always try to put a postive spin on even the negative.

We have been watching a little baseball as all three boys are playing in their field of dreams.  Most of the time, all three have games on the same night, so between Cranky, myself and my momma, we split up and go different directions.   We never left them play baseball before because of farming and this very reason of running everywhere.  But it is actually working out real well and the boys just love it.  My momma who was confined to a wheelchair for the past two years is back on her feet walking and driving again after experimental surgery so she does not mind driving them around to their different fields.  In fact, they fight over who gets to go with GranMum Squaw (don’t ask about the name, only my youngin’s would come up with that crazy name!) because she takes them out to eat after the game.  I want to play baseball so I can go out to eat with my momma too.

I’m starting to think that my little homeboys just like to dress up in different outfits.  First, their fishing vests and get up and now, baseball uniforms.  Odd, little creatures, I say.

So, get this.  I have been informed that it is not normal to be dropped off in the everyday car rider line at school and when the teacher/car attendant opens the door to leave the youngin’s out, she sees a pig. Tell me why is this not normal?  Doesn’t everybody have a pig in a cage in the back of their “Love Machine” van, especially when dropping their kids off at school?  I must research this and find out if, in fact, my youngin’s are telling the truth.  They have been known to spin some tall tales.  Someday I will quit embarrassing my youngin’s.  Only when they quit making me cook for them every blasted night.  What’s up with all that eating anyway?

Last photo…it has to be our pond.  I just love our pond.

Have I told you before how much I love our pond?  Maybe just once, I might have shared that info with you.


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8 responses to “Long time, no blog.

  1. I love your pond too. wow, your girl sure caught a whopper out of it =)

    So glad to hear that things are going well there, though I’m sure it’s still a day at a time. And what’s this? Not everyone has a farm animal in the back of their van? Well, why not? =)

  2. I’m glad to hear you’re doing better and life is getting slightly back to normal 😉

  3. Good to hear things are better, I’ve been thinking about you a lot the last couple days.

  4. Glad you posted. I was wondering how you were doing. What wonderful neighbors! Meals and money for 4H animals.

    I love all your pictures. We are planting our garden right now too.

  5. Pam

    So good to see you back again. I knew you were busy farmin….but you were so sad and things were a little down for awhile. Looks like you got your humor back (o: Love the fishermen (and gal) and the baseball brings back memories. It was crazy for us, but I was not trying to farm at the same time. Keep cookin for them youngins….you really have no choice (o:

  6. thecottonwife

    Glad you are blogging again. I hope things are getting better for you – I’ll continue praying though!!

  7. So glad to see you’re back. Hey, you go girl and keep catching those big fish – show the boys up. I like that kid! And we’re not supposed to have critters in the back of our vehicles? Oh no, I didn’t know that. I often take some of the goat kids with me (in a dog crate of course, or you know they’d be trying to drive) to see human kids at the local schools or the bigger kids at the nursing home. And we’ve certainly had a piglet or 2 in the back as well, or a lamb. (For a funny story about that see http://americanwayfarm.blogspot.com/2008/05/i-had-to-take-levite-one-of-our-pyrs-to.html ) So don’t tell me now that’s not normal! Well, too late. Hope things continue to get better. I missed you.

  8. Scoot

    Glad you’re back. I missed ya!

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