My little place in this world

The other day when I was heading over to Sonman’s to help butcher, I finally remembered to take the camera along for a photo tour of my stomping grounds. If I take the main road over to Sonman’s butcher shop, it is 3 miles but if I take the field road, it is 1/4 mile. The field road is really muddy and the Love Machine does not have 4 wheel drive so I decided on the extra gas instead of the guaranteed aggravation route. Anyway, I took some photos to show you what my little place in this world looks like.

This is the farmhouse that Cranky, myself, and the youngin’s live in.  We have lived here for 14 years and have been remodeling/restoring it for 14 years. (And there is still a ton of stuff to do to it.)  This farmhouse sits on a corner of the farm 1/4 mile away from the main farmhouse and the barns.  It’s over a hundred years old and a neat little farmhouse, but I hate living here.  I like the house. I just wish it didn’t sit so close to the road.  Granted the road is a dead end road with not alot of traffic but more than two cars a day is too much for me. 

When I was growing up, the road to the farm was a 1/2 mile long dirt lane that only lead to the farm. If you saw the dust blowing on the road, you knew someone was coming to the farm to visit or was lost.  Times have changed and now the road is paved and there is a housing development on the one side of the road, which just plain sucks.

This farmhouse originally sat down the road about 1 mile away but in 1973, they (our neighbors) moved to where it sits now. Our neighbors decided to build a monstrostity of a house and needed the farmhouse moved, so instead of tearing it down, they just moved it to the corner of their farm field which just happens to join our farm field. Here’s photo of the house that they built in it’s place.

See, I told you it was a monstrosity!  Those original neighbors moved away 15 years ago and before they moved, they offered their old farmhouse to my folks since it joined the farm. Cranky and I had just gotten married and were still living with my folks. I did not have a problem with it, but evidently, my momma was not crazy about us living with them.  So, she bought the house, handed us the keys and told us to move down the road! She is the meanest momma ever!

Here is the newest house to be built next to us. The couple that live here are great neighbors.  My biggest complaint about them is that they are a little “too green” and one of them is a vegetarian.  That, to me, equals insanity but that’s just my opinion and please, I do not mean to anger any vegetarians out there in blogland. It’s just my opinion, which if you ask anyone in my family does not matter much!

The other thing that I do not like about my new neighbors is that they built their house on some of the best farmland in our area.  And the ironic thing is that the house that I currently live is also built on that same farmland but that is perfectly acceptable because it is me. I work like that.  I am a bit two faced.

Traveling down the road…

This is the farm where our house used to sit.  What I did not show you is how the remaider of that farmland is now covered in houses. It’s so pretty that I just could not bear to take a photo. Progress…it is such a wonderful thing.

Across the road from that farm is one of the two remaining dairy farms in my area.

My dear friend, Brenda lives here with her folks, her husband, daughter, and her grandma, Nannie who is one of the sweetest grandmas ever.  They keep plugging along, milking about 75 head, trying to make a living off of this 5th generation farm.  But for how long?

I realize this is getting a little long so I will continue this tour of my neck of the woods in my next post.  Until then.


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7 responses to “My little place in this world

  1. Pam

    Tell me about it. Farms are being sold out to housing additions out here too. The tiny town of Firestone ( a mining town where my French Grandfather worked in a mine in the early 1900s) where I grew up has been TOTALLY turned into a huge acreage of houses. I tell people I grew up in Firestone…the real town, not what it is now. When I can’t sleep at night, sometimes I take the virtual tour in my head. I know who lived in every house and if they had a mean dog or cranky Granny (o: Loved the pics of the doggie and his duck. Leave a comment on my blog sometime. You know how we bloggers love comments.

  2. I know what you mean about being too close to the road. Our house now sits about 300′ off the road, driveway is just long enough so you can’t see our house from the road, but not so long we can’t maintain it. Most everyone around here has at least 25 acres but their houses sit right on the road – I don’t get that. If everyone was like us you’d never know anyone lived in this town. Thanks for all the pics.

  3. This was a wonderful tour of your area. I just adore your home! And yes, that one home is a bit on the huge side. Could you even imagine. I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me they had no kids or only one. I’d rather have a small house and actually see the people that live in it!

    I do like the landscape there, it is so very different from what we have here in Wyoming. Now of course we are moving and I can’t wait to see more of the land there. I have only seen it just for one day.

    I’ll be putting the computer in a box, check in on you when we are in Montana. Until then my friend.

  4. Pretty country! And I think you are allowed to be two-faced, at least you’re admitting it.

    The good farmland around here is about all paved over, and in the end of the county where I am at, you have to have 80 acres to build a house. That makes it so either millionares buy the property or it goes into the park system. Neither of which make good neighbors.

    Hope your friends can find a way to keep their dairy!

    Thanks for the tour!

  5. Thanks for the tour…

    And now, if you’d keep your clothes on, folks driving by wouldn’t be such a problem for you!

  6. City Slicker

    Love the deck and french doors! A new addition since we were there.

  7. I love your house.! I too live in an old farmhouse, though not nearly as big as yours. But, I love it. I have lots of ideas of things to do to it, but as I keep having more children and not more money, that will all have to wait.

    And it is the same around here. Our 8 acres borders a golf course and now they have just built a Target of all things done the road. Houses everywhere! Oh me, I sound like an old woman!

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