52 week challenge

This is number 6 in the 52 week challenge to be in the photos with just myself and/or my youngin’s for one whole year. These photos were taken last week and my daughter had just received the most recent copy of Ranger Rick magazine, which she just had to look at right away. I was trying to take my afternoon siesta when she grabbed a pillow and proceeded to make herself comfortable on top of me.

I tried to give her my full attention but I was getting so sleepy.

But I never did get that nap. She made me look at funny fish, weird frogs and some horse/donkey animal called a khur which is native to India. And she would now like to own a khur because she would have both her “dream animals” rolled into one. She has been bugging for a donkey since she was 2-3 years old and would not mind a horse. Her theory is that she would save on hay and grain for just one animal. Yep, okay, we’ll see about that.

I’m really getting sleepy in this one. Dang gum, do you see my crow’s feet around my eyes? And all those wrinkles? Mercy, my years in the sun are catching up to me.  Golly gee, I’m starting look like to like an old horse/donkey myself. Oh well, I have earned every one of those wrinkles.  

Speaking of the sun…here is another sunset on the pond.  Can you tell our pond is my favorite place in the world? Is it that obvious?

And just one more for kicks.



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17 responses to “52 week challenge

  1. Moments like those are what make special moms. Great entry!

  2. Those pictures are so sweet! Don’t you just love how our kids use us as pillows?? Mine are always plopping right down on me! I love that she wanted to share it all with you, even if you didn’t get a nap, you made a memory!

  3. Looks like some good down time even if you were tired!

  4. maxine

    AW! I love it!!

  5. I love these photos. You two look really at peace with each other!
    Great pond! WOW.

  6. Sweet pictures. I bet she provided some nice warmth. Good for you for staying awake.

  7. Very nice snuggle shots. No rest for the weary huh? I definitely see why the pond is your fave spot, its beautiful. Good luck finding that khur!

  8. I get such a kick out of your post. I remember Ranger Rick…wish I would of thought of those magazines for my kids. I was going to add too… a mothers love…staying awake, even though sleep was calling your name. What a great mom!

  9. Well I think she’s a genius in discovering that a khur would be a wonderfully efficient pet to have. You’ll have to get right on that when you wake up enough. Great times together, wonderful memories.

  10. Awww these are some great pictures! I would have been falling asleep too!!

  11. Pam

    I love Ranger Rick. I bet you needed so sleep. You probably have a crowing rooster or some crazy farm type thing to wake you up. I remember wanting a nap soooo bad. Now I can take one if I want (most of the time) but don’t seem to really need to. What’s up with that? Love the pond, though I think I would worry about the kids and…well you know.

  12. These are my favorite pictures yet. Such a wonderful moment and memory. You are a terrific mom!

    Great sunsets too, talk about a relaxing look place.

  13. Great pics – you don’t look too sleepy…or wrinkled!

    I’m jealous of your pond, they are illegal here! Go figure, all the rain we receive and we aren’t allowed to capture it and use it!

  14. “I’m starting look like to like an old horse/donkey myself”

    Nope…not touching that one for anything!

    but I love having the kids lay on me…those moments are so rare nowadays!

  15. I sent this message to Throwback but then thought I would save myself from answering other questions by copying on the comments as well.
    I can’t believe that ponds are illegal in Oregon! Who would have thunk? Seriously, I really have a hard time grasping that one. Our pond was put in 1946 by the Army Corps of Engineers as part of some government program. The spring water that feeds it comes from two springs up high in the Appalachian Mountains and it was put in where the two creeks meet. It was a swampland (wetlands, by today’s standards) but I know that in this day and age of protecting wetlands, it would not be allowed to be put in. My daddy enlarged in 1971-72 quite a bit, from about less than an acre to three acres. It took him over a year of doing all the work himself (also something not allowed anymore). When the pond was first completed, it had an island in the middle with some trees on it and it was about 18 feet deep. My daddy worried that it was too deep, drained the pond a couple years later, had a huge fish fry and then spread out all the dirt from the island on the bottom. Now, it is about 10 feet deep but everybody wishes we still had that island.

    We do use it for irrigation as it is vital with our now, dry, hot summers.

  16. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  17. Libby Schleichert

    April 1, 09

    Hi There,
    As a Ranger Rick editor into blogging myself, I love your photos of you and your daughter reading, and I wrote the Khurs piece, so I totally understand her wanting one. Sorry I can’t arrange that! (They’re endangered and wouldn’t do well in Pennsylvania, tell her :=)

    If you want to follow me on Twitter, I’m at

    Cheers and all best wishes to you and your family!
    Libby Schleichert, Sr. Editor, Ranger Rick Magazine, Reston, VA

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