Fuhget abbouttt my last post, here is #4 of 52!

Hey, nevermind. We took a photo real quick to seal the deal. I know how I work. I am a born procastinator and I would have put off my #4 of the 52 week challenge until next week. So, I drug my youngin’s out of bed and took a quick photo.

Remember my next to last post which was about my little criminal twerps and how I fear they may live their lives behind prison walls? Well, they have sought guidance and redeemed themselves this week. The three pictured here have all been selected as students of the month for the month of March and in the same elementary school. Evidently, someone thinks they are good kids! I guess the intervention helped steer them on a clear path to righteousness.

They are supposed to be showing off their certificates of recognition but they never listen to me.  Little twits.

I did have my camera handy this morning as the sun was coming up over our pond. Check this out. Doesn’t this make you want to get up every day and see the sunrise? No? Well, then keep your lazy butt in bed and see if I care. Nope. I don’t care. That’s just more sunrises for me. I’m selfish like that. In fact, I should keep this sunrise for myself and not share it but I won’t do that to all you lazy butt, stay in bed till noon people. I am a nice person who secretly wishes I could be a lazy butt, stay in bed till noon person. Yep, that’s it.  Anyway, without further adieu, the sunrise photo…

Don’t you just wish you could live in my little world? That is without the Cranky husband, the juvenile deliquent youngin’s, the piles and piles of Legos all over the floor, the piles and piles of laundry, the piles and piles of manure, and the daily grind of getting to see the sunrise every day because I have to be up early.  I want to be a lazy butt, stay in bed till noon person. 

Or maybe not.


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10 responses to “Fuhget abbouttt my last post, here is #4 of 52!

  1. I wanna live in your little world! That sunrise is incredible.

    Good for you for draggin’ your youngins out of bed for your 52 Weeks picture LOL. How great they did so well in school, you should be very proud as I’m sure you are.

    Now go to sleep little ones.

  2. I love this picture of all of you & you have some extremely cute little kids!! (and smart too!) Congrats to them!

    The sunrise pictures are just beautiful too!

  3. Congrats on your students of the month! They are some cute kiddos too!

    Beautiful sunrise. I’d give anything to be able to keep my lazy butt in bed until noon but my boys have other ideas. I, too, am always up before sunrise but it sure isn’t as pretty as yours!

  4. City Slicker

    Ah, I remember the lazy butt stay in bed til noon days….those were good times back in the day!

    The kids are always angels at school for other people (which I guess I’m glad about). My theory is that they have to be good all day in school and can no longer contain themselves once they are home.

  5. Sometimes it’s hard to get in the pictures! That’s the whole reason we have this challenge, right!?! So, it doesn’t matter that you procrastinated, you got it done!! & it looks great.

  6. uh huh…your kids listen like you listened to your mom I bet!

  7. Pam

    Hi, I was just hoppin around and found you. You are as fun to read as pioneer woman. I grew up in the sticks….tiny town…farm and mining community North East of Denver Co. I love to See kids playing like yours do…yesss I made that very same bow and arrow when I was a little girl. My club house was nowhere near that fancy…it was the abandoned dog house. My environment was as brown and dirty (as in good old dirt from the ground to play in) as the pictures. I am sure things green way up for you, but we had hardly any trees and grass. The PLAINS. Flat and brown. Before I lived there I am sure there were Buffalo wandering around (o: Now the vehicle episode…that would be the 23 year old son that happens to be living at home(between jobs we pray) right now. His car was not here this morning, so he scared me when he came walking upstairs after lunch. Well, when he reminded me that it was St. Paddies Day and well….I asked no more questions. I was just glad he got a ride home (o: Yes you sons will be that age some day. Anyway, enjoyed your blog. Come visit me sometime.

  8. enjoyed reading through your blog…stop in and visit me sometime!
    I am a farmgirl too.

  9. PA grandma

    Another county in PA without a stop light! Forest county does have a stop light but non functioning. It was used many many years ago when they were repairing the bridge in town. It now resides at the History House. Just had to admit my son was in error about the light. Please forgive.

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