#3 of the 52 week challenge

Okay, I could not come up with anything original this week so it’s back to the goat barn.  The Boer goats finally delivered one set of twins and one set of triplets this week.  That’s a great time for photo opportunities with the kids, youngin’s and Momma Cheesychick. The goat kids are so cute, the youngin’s are still dirty and Momma Cheesychick still has her beanie hat on. If you must know, I never take my beanie off during the winter. That hat stays on all day long whether I am in the house or outside. The only time I take it off is to eat dinner, shower and sleep.  I’m thinking that it is okay for me to leave it on at the dinner table but Cranky says all hats off for dinner, whether you are male or female.  And whatever Cranky says, goes!  Yep, okay…right. (Wink)

And there I go again, off on some totally different subject. Oh, what was my point about the beanie hat?  Oh, I know…I have not had a cold in a long, long time. I owe it all to my beanie hat.  Yes, I know that colds are spread through virus germs but I’m not conceding that my beanie doesn’t fight those viruses with some of it’s black belt karate chop moves. My beanie knows all the right moves to keeping me healthy.  So, basically my point with that information is that you will continue to see me in that beanie until at least April.

I had hoped to touch base with some of my favorite blogs and have time to blog myself in this past week but I have been much too busy to even get on the computer lately.  I knew this would happen when spring came but I did not know it would be so soon considering spring has not showed it’s face around these parts.  Maybe this coming week will be different…

Here’s the triplets…God help me, they are so stinkin’ cute.

I would like to say see ya tomorrow, but let’s get real, I’ll be back with #4 of 52 weeks next Thursday.


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11 responses to “#3 of the 52 week challenge

  1. First off, I love your writing, you crack me up. As for the triplets – adorable. And you with your three “triplets”, too fun. I missed your blog during the week but so glad you’ll continue with 52 weeks.

    Keep that beanie on =)

    PS: Tell Cranky if I have a hat on I’ll wear it at the table, hate to scare my family =)

  2. City Slicker

    How cute are they? Can you ship one to me? Then we wouldn’t have to mow our small parcel of lawn.

  3. I just love the picture of all of you!! You have some adorable kids and you all have great smiles!!

    The goats are toooo cute!! I love them! I’ve seen twins but never triplets!

  4. Way to cute!!! Both pictures. Your kids are so lucky to be raised in that enviroment, my boys would give anything to live on a farm. The goats are to cute for words.

  5. I am doing the same challenge and just stopped by to check out your photo. What a cute photo it is BTW.

    You all have wonderful smiles. Love the goats. M

  6. I am with Cranky…no hats at dinner…but anyhow, it is a cool hat!

  7. Kim

    You are right, great photo opp. This picture reminds me of when our Maddie girl (dog), had her first and only litter. Maddie is a Gordon Setter weighing only 35 lbs and she pumped out 10 beautiful puppies that looked just like her.

    Great Memory

  8. How do you get anything done with those cute boys and cute goats around. I have three cute boys myself (and one sweet daughter), but we have chickens, not goats.

  9. What cuties (all of you & the kids).

  10. I was just checking out this challenge… great family shot of you and the all the “Kids”. I think baby goats are the cutest! Triplets are even better!

  11. maxine

    oh! they are way way cute!! and I love your posts!

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