#2 in my 52 week challenge

Dang gum…I have been busy…I’m just not sure what I have been busy doing. I haven’t even had time to blog much at all. Oh well, it’s not like it’s a world crisis if I don’t get around to blogging.

Here is my #2 in the 52 challenge . It was taken about a half hour ago. We just came in from the barn…and the cat shot in the house (which is not allowed per Cranky). I told the youngin’s to catch the cat and put him out before their father saw “the @#%* cat” in the house. They ignored me as usual, so to avoid the expected hassle over “the @#%* cat” in the house issue, I decided I would just catch Mr. Brown. I have no idea why the youngin’s named him, Mr. Brown.  I personally think it is unusual name for a cat but nonetheless, that’s the @#%* cat’s name. Then I remembered it was Thursday and I did not have a photo for the 52 week challenge. “Here, kitty, kitty, come to Momma and be my photo op buddy.” And he did. He is so accommodating, that Mr. Brown.

Okay, there’s #2 for my year long quest to get out from behind the camera…Whew…only 5o more to go! Let’s hope I can get a little more creative for the next 50.

Oh, and can we keep this between you and me…about the @#%* cat in the house? There really is no need for Cranky to know.



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4 responses to “#2 in my 52 week challenge

  1. SSssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    No one tell Cranky!

    Great picture, and as always I enjoy your writing. Yeah, Lineman doesn’t let cats in here either. Nor do I so that’s fine. Even the kids are learning. If a cat sneaks in it doesn’t take long for boots to be heading in their direction =) No worries, they are VERY quick cats!

  2. Great photo of you and your kitty is adorable!

    We have one inside cat and I’ve been sneaking the outside cat in a lot lately. My Mr. Cranky (yes, he definitely fits that name too!) doesn’t like that at all so I have to be super sneaky, like when he’s showering. haha

  3. MT Mary

    Love the photo of you and the %@*!cat and the Carhart hat! Keep up the challenge.

  4. Well done! By the way, that @#%* cat is good looking!

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