52 Weeks Challenge

I need to get this post up quick because I want to get to bed…to sleep. I’m tired. I had planned on taking some photos tonight with all the youngin’s for the 52 week challenge but that just did not happen. I had to drive to Bumfart, Idaho today to pick up a ton of  feed supplement for the pigs. Okay, it really wasn’t Bumfart, Idaho but it felt like it! Isn’t that a funny expression? “Going to Bumfart, Idaho.” We use that expression all the time to describe a long trip. Why? I don’t know. The only thing I can come up with is Idaho is a long way from Pennsylvania. And what’s up with that “Bumfart” part of Idaho? I hope that does not offend anyone with the second half of that word. I apologize for our  my ignorance and if anyone really does live in Bumfart, Idaho. I wonder if we lived in Idaho, what would our expression be then? “We had to go to Bumfart, Pennsylvania today and it sure was a long trip!” Now, what was I talking about in this post? Oh, oh, yep, I remember.

If you want to find out about this challenge, go to wyomingbarnetts.blogspot.com, and Carin will explain everything. It’s a really neat idea and I will try to get better organized for next week. Okay, like that is really going to happen. Ha he he.

The following photos were taken last week in the barn and one of the youngin’s took the photos. Not sure which one…they all took turns taking photos. It actually was fun taking the photos and trying to see if we did not cut off each other’s heads in the photos. I guess that was the point of the 52 week challenge…to have fun, which I can assure you, we did. Enjoy the 1st of 52! I’ll try to do better for next week.

I just love goats. This is Renee and she is a very sweet Alpine dairy goat. Oh, yeah, it was supposed to be a photo with my kids, not goat kids. Okay, no troubles. Got that covered with the next photo.

Not sure what that youngin on the right problem is, but he is looking a little goofy. And look they only chopped a little off the top of my head.  Well, it is a relatively high forehead anyway. I do not need all that forehead in the photo. Obviously, which ever son took this photo already knew this and decided to take matters into his own hands. Like I said, we will do better next week…or maybe not.



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4 responses to “52 Weeks Challenge

  1. Sorry but I’m laughing at your post. And no it’s not the photos but your writing…good stuff.

    Love the photos! Your kiddos are very cute. I wish I had a goat to take a photo with…

  2. I love the pictures!! They’re so “real life, in the moment” shots! I’m also from Pennsylvania, great to find another blogger who is too! This is such a fun challenge, glad you are playing along!

  3. kids – goat kids… it’s all good!

    Great pic of you and the kids (human kind) =)
    I think it’s fun to have one of the kids take the picture, it’s pretty fun to see what they come up with, and most of the time they do a really great job. Glad you are playing along for 52 weeks!

  4. It’s funny but you don’t look at all like I had you pictured in my mind. So much younger 😉

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