My hicks from the sticks

 My youngins’ spent the day working at their fort. They had to clean up following the wind storm that swept through our area this past week. Apparently, the wind came sweeping down the valley and took their front porch off. 

This was my Christmas card photo this year, which by the way, I never sent out…yet. Yes, I am going to send them out sometime in 2009. I look at it this way. I’m not really late for the Christmas holiday, I’m just really early for next Christmas. I am president of the local chapter of Procastinator’s Anonymous, you know?  I have to keep up with the  membership rules. Anyway, this photo was taken in December 2008 and notice the front porch which the youngins’ are seated under. Well, it’s gone.

The original fort was built 28 years ago by myself and my cousin who used to live with us. It was the cutest little fort which we built with discarded lumber found on the farm. We learned how to use a hammer, handsaw and how to shingle a roof when we built this structure. We painted it white with green trim, planted flowers, had a clothesline and even had our own little garden every summer on our little piece of paradise. My cousin, Billy and myself wasted away plenty of summer vacation just hanging out at our fort.  We certainly were proud of our little oasis and took great pride in home ownership.

Fast forward 28 years to 2009. My youngins’ discovered the little fort sitting on the farm, filled with my daddy’s prized collection of junk, oops, I always mess that up. I mean, usable merchandise.  They hauled out all the loot and claimed the fort as their own homestead.

They added a crude lean to addition, a front porch, put in a woodstove, and installed indoor plumbing. Okay, well, it’s not really a bathroom . It’s an old cow waterer with a pipe through the wall, but all the mechanics are there and it works.

So, today was a work day for the boys. They, after all, have to keep up with the precidence of home ownership that my cousin and I started many years ago. Don’t ask me exactly what they are doing in this photo.  I have not fine tuned the art of article reporting yet. I forget to ask the important questions that go with photo opportunities. 

This photo is pretty self explanatory. My third son is working hard while my second son wastes away his day sitting where the front porch used to be. (Yes, I well aware that I need to patch my son’s jeans, but it is pretty pointless. He will just put holes in the patches.)

My youngins’ told me that the insurance adjuster had come to visit the damage to their fort. The bad news was that insurance would not cover the blown off front porch so they decided to just tear it down. Ironically, Cranky’s good friend had just visited and he is our insurance agent.  I’m thinking this is where they got their information on their lame insurance policy.

Look! They keep house as well as I do.  I reckon they learn what they see.  After I took this photo, my third son was appalled that I took the photo with the toilet paper sitting out on their stump chair.  He promptly moved the toilet paper to it’s proper place in that organized chaos.  And some people think I have issues?

Pretty sweet digs, don’t ya think? So, what do you think of today’s improvements? I think “improvement” is a strong word to use with this little shack. I’m throughly convinced that they are ready to move to West Virginia and live deep in the Appalachians. Warren, what do you think? Do they have what it takes?

I know one thing for sure. I will not sign any loans for them to start any general contracting businesses. I don’t think anyone will be asking for any home improvements from their construction company anyway.

One thing does warm my heart.  They definitely take after their momma. Would you look at that Christmas wreath hanging on their fort. They are totally ready for next Christmas!

Oh, the girl.  What was she doing when they were doing home construction, remodeling and tending to the home front? Nothing much… 


Just out hunting and gathering for food with her homemade stick and baling twine bow and arrow.

This is my life.  I love it.



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7 responses to “My hicks from the sticks

  1. I love your kids…. can they come stay for a while! Thanks for stopping by and we grow LOTS of stuff in those fields… all legal dang it!! *snort*

  2. Oh, how much fun. Whenever we were in the U.S. we would spend our weekend at the family hunting cabin building forts in the pine forest and dams in the creek. So much fun to be a kid in rural areas, I wonder what city kids do for fun?

  3. I think they would be ready…but I am not sure what that toilet paper is for…I see leaves all around!

    Anyhow, I had a fort much like that…including the indoor plumbing though the way we intended it to be used never involved toilet paper! Anyhow, it looks like fun!

  4. Well, that’s today’s modern woman. She can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan – oh wait, let the guys fry it up. After a long day hunting she needs to do a little fire gazing.

  5. Gave you an award. Come on over to my blog and pick it up.

  6. Oh what a post! First off, it is nearly pointless to mend a boys jeans. Either that or I’m too lazy. How neat that YOU built that fort 28 years ago, what a neat story. Your kids are so stinkin cute, my kids would hang out with them all the time I think =)

    One more thing, I absolutely cannot see another picture of your adorable girl. I said three boys was enough and we would not try for a girl. Ah, just kidding. I love to see her hangin with the boys. she will sure be looked after all her life, won’t she!!!

  7. Oh!! I had a bow and arrow exactly like that when I was a kid, I wish I still had that thing, that picture really brought back memories! I bet my boys would love something like that.

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