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Sorry, I have not replied to my comments. I was at the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) conference yesterday. I came home inspired and full of ideas for the farm. Too many ideas.  One of those ideas is the caboose, which will probably answer some of the questions in last posts comment section.  By the way, thanks for all the positive comments.  I wasn’t sure how you would feel about that old junky thing. The plan for the caboose has always been to turn it into a farm bed and breakfast cabin for paying guests and all our other out of town guests who, of course, do not have to pay… although if they want to pay.  We frequently get overnight guests and as much as they are welcome in our home, staying with us is like living in a real live circus with the four youngins’, three dogs, two turtles, the escape artist hamsters, the toad and only one bathroom.  It’s fun for like, two days then, we always feel the patience of our guests wearing thin with plastered paper thin smiles.

As far as the bed and breakfast aspect, that has always been a child hood dream of mine. I’m starting to think that I was not a normal child…do most youngins’ dream of cabooses and running a bed and breakfast at the tender age of ten?

But now that I am older and always scheming of ways to make our farm work for us and make it sustainable, the bed and breakfast idea is taking more of a hold in our minds.  I am well aware that I not going to get rich on this farm and that is fine.  I have no great aspirations of making millions or living a luxurious lifestyle.  As far as I am concerned, I am “rich” in so many ways beyond money and fame. I just want to raise my youngins’ on this farm, the same way I was raised, in a simple, homesteading lifestyle.  It’s a good life.

Back to the conference…

Sorry about the glare, but I still do not know how to use the dog gone camera yet. It has all these buttons, bells and whistles which scare the living daylights out of me.  Sometimes when I accidently hit the wrong button, I’m certain that a scud missile is going to come crashing through my house at any second.  The camera scares me.

The conference was great.  I learned so much, ate some really wonderful food and met so many people from all over the United States.  At lunch, I was seated next to some nice gals from Canada and at the different sessions, I met some folks from Minnesota, Missouri, West Virginia, Maryland and one guy from New York (to be said in a New Yawrk accent).  The one session I attended was particularly interesting as the speaker was a hololistic veterinarian from Minnesota who talked about “Overcoming Livestock Parasite Problems Using 100% Natural Medicine.”  This is something that I really hope to implement for all animals on the farm.

Okay, enough about conference but one more thing that really doesn’t have anything to do with it other than the location.  The conference was held at State College, home to Penn State and Happy Valley.  I had not traveled to State College since way back in the days when Cranky and I were dating.  Cranky attended Penn State on a baseball scholarship, but he only lasted one year there.  Irony…Happy Valley was too happy for Cranky! Can you believe that I am married to the stud boy who used to play Division I baseball? Okay, he was red shirted but who cares? He was (and still is) a stud boy.

Back in those days, I would visit Cranky on the weekends because we attended different colleges.  He was not allowed to have a car on campus or maybe he did not have a car…I can’t remember.  Anyway, I was always the one to travel to visit him and I always dreaded the trip.  The drive there required traveling on a two lane, curvy road through the mountains of Pennslvania and it seemed to take forever.  Possibly because I could not wait to get there to see Cranky, the stud boy…oh, those were the days.

Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the road is now widened to a four lane for most of the trip and that has dramatically cut down on travel time.  I reckon sometimes progress does pay off.

I started the trip listening to country music, and ended up pulling into the parking lot, jamming to rock.  I knew it was going to be a good day when out of the blue, the rock station switched to “Hey Jude”, one of my absolute all time favorite songs. ( My first name is Judi.) I used to pretend that my depression era born parents named me after that song, which is just crazy hog wash.  My daddy named me “Judi” because he wanted a name that was easy to yell when he needed help on the farm, or when I was in trouble.  Seriously. He never had to yell at me for being in trouble though…I was an angel.  (Cough, gag, sputter) An angel with little devil horns growing out through my halo!

So, I came home, inspired and ready to take on a million projects on the farm.  It was absolutely beautiful weather today so it was a perfect day to get outside and tackle some of those projects. But first things, first.


The blasted laundry.

Time to clean our brooder house with that orange wheelbarrow, the one that I just love the col0r of. Is it just me, or is this wheelbarrow the coolest shade of orange ever? It’s just me…okay, well obviously my readership is not up with seasonal color charts and how color affects your mood.  Well, that orange wheelbarrow got me in the mood to muck manure.  Nah…not really, it just needed done.

Here is the manure situation. Not too bad. I have seen worse.  In fact, I can see worse in some of our barns at this very moment.

My daughter took this photo of her momma doing some mucking.

I made the youngins’ haul buckets of shavings from the planer.  I did not get any photos of this event…I had to stay on top of them to get them to finish the job in a timely manner or they would have milked that job for two months.

 Look! I did get something done today. One project down, 999,999 more to go.  Is that right? I never was good at math.

Well, that’s enough of my post for today but I’ll leave you with a photo of the sun setting on our pond.

Aww, isn’t that purty?


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6 responses to “Random thoughts

  1. We spent time out working as well. Too bad we took our clothesline down or I’d dry some laundry today – high of 50 & sunny – PERFECT!

  2. Your pond is gorgeous! Does it freeze enough for skating??

  3. Emily

    Very interesting about the holistic veterinarian…Did you know that pumpkin seeds are a natural dewormer for cows? That is one of my favorite pieces of old timer wisdom.

    • cheesychick

      Hey Emily,
      Thanks for commenting. My daddy and my grandfather used to plant pumpkins in the corn rows and then at harvest, they would store their pumpkin crop in the barn loft. My daddy has fond memories of sitting in the barn with his pocket knife, cutting up pumpkins to feed the milkcows for this very reason. Not to mention the vitamins and nutrients in those pumpkins. And when my grandma needed a pumpkin for pie, she sent my daddy to the loft. It’s a shame we have gotten away from these tried and true down home ways. They worked, but they were labor intensive. Our society today has the attitude to make the almighty dollar the easiest way with the least amount of work involved which has resulted in a society with ALOT of problems and is majoring messing up Mother Earth. Good golly, look what you did Emily, opened a can of my opinions and I do not have any idea how to put the lid back on! ha he he

  4. 4 kids and only 1 bathroom! Holy Cow, woman, you need a medal of honor for keeping your sanity!

    Yup, conferences like that can be dangerous. DH says every time I go to one he can expect his honey-do list to just about double. And I only give him the things to do that are too heavy for me, or involve anything electrical. He should see what a conference can do to my list!

  5. Deere Driver

    I was at the conference last year and was looking forward to more inspiration. I just didn’t see it in the menu of o4erings this time. I mean they had a lot of interesting stuff, but not enough for me to drop the cash and get coverage at home. But I am still envious. It is inspirational, while sometimes frustrating, to go to the conference. Maybe next year.

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