A peek inside

My friend, the one who enlightened me on the different definitions of the word, “cheese”, who only lives 15 miles away from me was wondering what the caboose looks like inside.  Are you curious too?  I guess not many people have actually seen the inside of a real caboose so I’m going to take you on a tour of my caboose.  Now,  my friend will probably point out the different connotations of the word, caboose.

She’s a real beauty, wouldn’t you say?  I think this caboose is a “she”, don’t you?  I say it’s a girl and that’s the way it is.

Well, come on, let’s climb on in. Just so you know, I didn’t know you were coming over today or I would have cleaned a little. Cough, gag…ha ha, yeah, okay, me? clean?  Funny.

Up the rusty steps…

Open the rusty door…oh, my cheeks are red.  This is sooo embarrassing.

Oh mercy, I really should have picked up a little.

Like I said before, if I knew ya’ll were comin’ a visitin’ today, I would have at least swept up (or used a leaf blower to blow everything out the back door! A fame thrower would have worked too.)  Maybe I should have made up the beds…yep, that would have really made a huge difference. Sorry, my bad.

How about I clean off the table, heat up some water on that little Coleman stove and we will sit a spell with a cup of tea and a piece of pie?

You can wash your hands in this cute little sink.  Let me turn on this beautiful antique light so you can see.  Sorry about the bird poop, I hope you can still eat your pie.

Do you need to use the “facilities” before we conclude the tour? Oh, mercy, now I am a tad embarrassed.  I could have least scrubbed the john. I never was Little Miss Suzy Homemaker.




Okay, just one last look from the kitchen and then we better head out. I have some work to catch up on. (Really?)

How about we enjoy the view from the front porch?

And a look down the side like a conductor would have seen daily.  Oh, looky, it’s my shadow again.  Gees, I tell you I have the cutest shadow ever!  I am so modest, not the least bit conceited at all.

Okay, here’s the scoop on my caboose.  It was delivered to the farm on October 6, 2008 so I have not had much time to gussy it up.   It was delivered as is, with all that junk, err, um I mean all that usable merchandise, especially that beautiful antique light and the million Sweet -n-Low packets all over the floor.  I bought the caboose by placing a bid over the phone to an auctioneer, who was selling a whole bunch of antique engines, tractors and one caboose.  This isn’t my first caboose that I have bought but it’s the only one that ever was delivered to the farm.  The first caboose deal fell through, after Cranky and my Daddy had already played John Henry and laid railroad track.  Don’t you just hate it when your caboose deal falls through?  So, we already had the railroad track laid, why not try to find another caboose?  My Momma actually saw this one listed in one of our local farming newspapers.  I never saw this caboose in person, just photos over the internet which the autioneer provided for me. 

In case you are wondering, yes, I got a good deal.  It has to be a good deal for me to purchase something.  I am a cheapskate and that’s official.  I have always wanted a caboose since I was a little girl.  So, when I want something, I, more or less, just keep harping to Cranky until he just can’t take it anymore and lets me get a caboose.  That’s how it works in our marriage.  Although, there was that one time that I really wanted that 1942 Russian Luftwaffe airplane and Cranky firmly planted his foot and would not move it.  That’s still an issue which I will not get into any further.  Let’s just say a little blessing to my husband right now.  They are considering him for sainthood for putting up with me and my crazy ideas all these years.

Of course I got a great deal on the caboose.  Did you see all that crap inside of it?  I’m not sure how I lived all these years without all that stuff.  And there was an extra set of tracks thrown in to sweeten the deal.

Anyone interested in an used set of railroad tracks? I’ll give you a really good deal. 

Ohh, ohh, ohh, just a thought…I could get another caboose to go on those tracks.  Gotta go, I have to go talk to Cranky.



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7 responses to “A peek inside

  1. I’m jealous! I have been begging for a caboose all my married life. I even have all 8 of the grandkids begging for me now. Still no cabbose in sight!

  2. Oh Man! That is just too cool! Seriously. I love where you had it placed, nestled so perfectly in the trees. you should take pictures of it in each of the 4 seasons, that would be neat! Do you have plans to work on the inside someday? Again, so cool!

  3. Oh, and I can just see them being all John Henry =)

    Now I must go sing the song.

  4. That would be the coolest club house if I were 10 (ok it’s still pretty cool at 32).

    So what’s it going to be; A garden shed? a Ladies repository? a henhouse?

  5. Nice caboose! So, you have it now…what are the plans for it? Clean it up and make it a cabin? Extra storage? Waiting for an engine to go on sale so you can tour the nation?

  6. City Slicker

    So, I’m thinking I’m looking at our accommodations for our next visit. I’m sure it comes with room service, no?

  7. City Slicker

    Nolan can’t wait to sleep in here (that is when it is cleaned up and all). He also suggested you add a hot tub!

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