Keeping up with the boys

Our daughter has the distinction of being not the youngest in the family, but the only girl.  Which means that the girl has to keep up with her brothers or the unthinkable will happen…they will label her a “girlie-girl!”  Them’s fighting words to the girl.  Her actual gender may be female but in her opinion, this is the worst possible thing that could ever happen to her.

When she was about three years old, she told everyone she was going to ride bulls when she grew up.  I’m assuming on the Professional Bull Riding Circuit, she never specified her intentions.  Then her older brothers just had to burst her bubble and tell her that girls can’t ride bulls.  Mercy, you would have thought the world was ending for all the screaming, crying and hysteria that ensued.

So, now days, no one tells her that there is nothing she can’t do.  Case in point on Sunday when the youngins’ went sledding.

Our farm sits at the base of the Appalachian Mountains and our one pasture juts up into the mountain pretty far.  It’s a great place to sled until you hit the fence. (Not that I would know anything at all about hitting the fence. Why would I have experience with that? I am much smarter than that.  I am so smart that I would have jumped off the sled, before crashing into the fence.  This is all hypothetical, of course.) 

It is a nice fence, no? 

Here comes one son down the slope.

And another son down the slope.

And another son with a little sister bumming a ride.  

Here are all the youngins’ and their old runner sleds.

And then this happened to the girl.  Faceplant into the snow and ice.  Don’t worry about this girl though.  After cleaning up her face and blowing out that snot, she was good to go again.

And there she goes back up the hill for more sledding.  Shhhh, don’t tell her that she can’t keep up with the boys.



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4 responses to “Keeping up with the boys

  1. Poor little thing. She looks like a trooper, I bet she can keep up.

  2. Oh heck yeah! She’s tough…and that ain’t cryin’ It’s just cleaning our the dirt that got in her eyes…ready to roll again!

  3. I just love this post!!!!! I bet she is one tough girl and lucky too to have three brothers to watch after her. People ask if we will try for a girl, we are probably done, but looking at your fun family sure makes me think again….

  4. You go girl! Show those boys what you’re made of. I’ll bet you can not only keep up, but one day they’ll be eatin’ your dust!

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