The last day of January…Hip, hip, hooray!

Golly gee, today was so dog gone busy.  We worked, we played, we worked some  more and some of us are still playing.  That would be my youngins’ who are still playing…I’m too bushed.

As I type this at 10PM, my kiddos are outside, hanging out on the farm.  Do you know where your children at 10PM on a Saturday night?  Can anyone guess what they are doing?

Yep, they are ice fishing.

Before they got a chance to ice fish, we had to do a little work.  We killed two of our steers, which was pretty much consumed the day.  It wouldn’t have been all day if not for the malfunctioning equipment and the complaining, whiny employees at the butcher shop. (That complaining, whiny employee would be me!)  The “butcher shop” is across our farm field at my cousin’s little farmette. It was cold today, very cold but a perfect day to butcher.  Although, that coldness did play a part in some of the equipment breaking and the employees complaining and whining.  The electric hoist that is used to raise and lower the steer for the skinning process broke, so we had to manually raise and lower the 150olb steers. I use the term “we” very loosely here.  Cranky was working on another project for the first steer we killed so I was elected to help.  And I really use the word, “we” very, very loosely for the actual killing.  I was in the truck with my ears plugged, waiting for that part of butchering to be over.  I actually like butchering, but not that part of it. Yes, I understand the concept of raising the animals for meat and it’s all part of the chain of life…blah,blah, blah.  I still don’t like to see the last breath of the animal taken.  Except chickens. I have no problem chopping their heads off!

This is my cousin, Sonman.  Not his real name, of course, but it is his real nickname.  Here he is skinning the hide off of one of the steers.  This is the first time that he left me skin too, although there are no photos to prove it.  Even though, he left me wield one of his skinning knives, I did not let him use my camera.  Actually, he had no interest in using my camera…when Sonman skins a beef,  that’s all he thinks about, not lolly gagging around taking photos, complaining and whining.

Sonman is a trained professional chef, but he has been butchering his whole life.  He knows his cuts of meats and he knows how to butcher really well. 

Something else that Sonman is really good at is hunting, fishing and all things in nature.  He teaches my youngins’ so many good things in life and he has unbelievable patience with all four of the youngins at the same time.  I don’t even have the patience for all four very often!

So, even after a long day of butchering two beefs, and being in the cold all day, what does he do on his day off and on a Saturday night?  He takes the my youngins’ ice fishing late into the cold night.

And Sonman makes them very happy.


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4 responses to “The last day of January…Hip, hip, hooray!

  1. Wow, how exciting. When I was young I was fascinated by my dad’s skinning of rabbits, squirrel and whatever else he killed.

  2. Do you ever notice the cow smells the same on the inside as outside. Sometimes when I’m milking I think of smell of the skinning…

    Signed your wierd fiesta collecting, cow milking, South Dakota visiting friend!

  3. City Slicker

    Wow, I guess next time we visit it should be in Winter….my boys would dig the ice fishing! Tell Sonman we said Hi and the boys still talk about him and the snapping turtle.

  4. “it’s all part of the chain of life…blah,blah, blah.” Laughing at that part =) Yes, so true. I hate that part too. Somehow I can’t imagine the men think it’s that great no matter what they say. maybe I’m wrong.

    Tell Sonman next time he can lollygag for just 10 seconds and snap one picture!

    My feet are cold just thinking about ice fishing. But they look like they had fun!

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