Happiness is…

Catching that blasted hampster that has been running around the upstairs of our house for over a week.



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4 responses to “Happiness is…

  1. HA! We had a hampster get lose and was missing for over a month. We thought it was surely dead. I was in the basement searching for something one day when I heard some rattling inside a large cooking pot that was stored down there. I thought it was a rat so I called my DH who grabbed a baseball bat and hovered over the pot, ready to pulverize whatever jumped out when I opened the lid. I slowly removed the lid and up pops Sophie, the teddy bear hampster, just wiggling her little whiskers at us as fast as she could. We felt really silly but we were grateful to have the little fur ball back.

  2. Oh so funny. When my dad was young they had one that got free and it hid in the washer. When my grandma went to wash the clothes, that was the end of the hamster.

  3. LOL!!!!!!! seriously, that is funny!

  4. Deere Driver

    Ours chewed holes in my cloth napkins in a drawer, and I was too cheap to throw them out. Still get to enjoy that story when I managed to get down to that part of the pile.

    Wonder what you will find with holes and poop in them?

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