And this little piggy…

Guess what was born on the farm yesterday? 

little pigs

Cute little buggers, aren’t they?

You know, I have been around pigs my whole life but with every new litter of piglets, I have to pick a baby pig up and just take a good sniff.  Oh, mercy, have you ever smelled a baby pig?  The smell is absolute heaven on Earth.  Between a human baby and a baby pig, those two scents are the absolute best smells on God’s green Earth. I kid you not.  Of course, this is just my opinion and sometimes, my opinion just ain’t worth a hill of beans.


So, baby pigs are cute and they smell good.  I really like baby pigs.

Here’s their Momma.  She’s kinda cute too.  Although, she doesn’t smell as good and she could use a shower.  She needs to pay special attention to her face and wash behind those ears too.  I’ll work with her to teach her proper hygiene. 

Back to Momma’s piglets; as much as I love baby pigs and their smell, there is one thing that crosses my mind everytime I hold and sniff them.  Something I just can’t shake out of my head as much as I try. 

That thing that I can’t shake is the image of this dude right here.  Say Hello to Mr. Boar.  Everytime, I smell a piglet and get a whiff of that intoxicating perfume, “Ode de piglet”, I can’t help but think what those cute little buggers will grow up to be like.  Yes, they will grow up to be like their daddy, the meathead.  Now talk about a pig that needs to learn personal hygiene…and manners…and how to keep his vainness in check.   The old boy thinks he is all that and a box of chocolates with all those women he keeps in his harem.  Honestly, I don’t know what the sows see in him. But that is something, that I’m not going to put too much thought into.  From now on, when I take a whiff of a baby pig, I’m going to think of bacon…and porkchops and scrapple and cracklins…Oh, mercy, cracklins.  Lord, help me, cracklins is a sin that I need to ask forgiveness for.


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6 responses to “And this little piggy…

  1. I love baby pigs, but just BABY pigs!

  2. They are just the cutest little buggers! I showed my middle son (age 5) and he said that Mr. Boar does NOT look like a pig….. LOL!

  3. Nothing as cute as farm babies, especially piggies!!

  4. I like to sniff bacon myself. 🙂

    They are very cute, and so pink!

  5. City Slicker

    Cute, I have to agree! But smell good….seriously? You really need to get off that farm more often! :0)

  6. gingershu

    I think baby piggies are simply perfect creatures…love ’em! 🙂

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