They are the champions, my friends!

More on the PA Farm Show…

Remember I told you about the pedal tractor pulls?  I only have a couple photos because my camera batteries went dead…says I, but you will get the idea.

This is the girl competing in her weight class.  I think she was one of 57 participants in her weight class. This is for the PA State pedal tractor pulling championship!  Seriously…they really do have stuff like this in PA and this is what we do for kicks!  They televise this event, for Pete’s sake!

pedal tractor pulls

The girl informed us that she WAS going to win this year.  (She came in second at last year’s championships and has held a grudge ever since.  I kid, I kid, but she was determined to win it all this year!

pedal tractor pulls

And guess what?  She did win it all…beating the next boy competitor by three feet!  Hell hath no fury like a girl scorned at a pedal tractor pulling contest!

Grand champion pedal tractor puller

With her prize for grand champion pedal tractor puller, the girl was mighty pleased with herself.  And Cranky and I were mighty proud too, so we have been doing a little bragging.

And then, came our third son is his weight class.  He is just a little squirt and did not do as well.  No matter, we still love him…Alot!

pedal tractor pulling contest

He poured his heart, soul and every last ounce of his muscles into his pull but came up short.  Even though, he had already picked up his first win of the day in the big wheel tricycle races, there was no consoling this child.  I guess it is like losing at the Olympics to a seven year old.  Back to the weight room until next year’s pulls!  Maybe if he had taken that silly beanie hat off, he might have did better!

And this is where the batteries in the camera went dead…or possibly, I might have hit some button that made the screen go black and I could not figure out how to fix it without enlisting Cranky’s help (and his exasperation for my stupidity with modern technology!) before the camera would take photos again, with those very same “dead” batteries.  My point?  I missed taking photos of my two oldest boys going head to head in their weight class. (My second boy weighs slightly more than his two year older brother so they were in the same weight class.)

The results?  My second boy beat the oldest by one inch for the grand championship.  Oh, good golly, the rivalry continues.  There was bit of tension at the awards ceremony but by day’s end, they were buddy’s again.

my boys  Oldest on the left and another grand champion pedal tractor puller on the right.  Darn tootin’ we are proud!

I write articles for our antique tractor club newsletter and the following article appeared in last year’s newsletter after the 2008 Farm Show.

Take a Seat… in a Pedal Tractor



The John Deere lovin’ tractor group, the Waterloo Boys who swear they bleed green, once again held the kids’ pedal tractor pulls at the Pa Farm show.  This year, instead of every kid who participated receiving a small toy tractor, they upped the stakes.  Kids who pulled the full distance competed in the pull off competition where only the first and second place winners in their weight division received larger toy tractors.  This is quite an incentive to push those little legs the distance.  I’m happy to report (and brag) that my own four some of kids all made it to the pull-offs and three of them went home with tractors!  Actually, all of them went home with tractors, as the 6 year old who did not win, threw a fit and his father feeling sorry for the little guy, caved and purchased a similar tractor at a vendor stand.  I personally think that the Waterloo Boys and this vendor are in cahoots as there were quite a few tractors purchased for other kids right after the pull competition. Ha!

            My point to that last paragragh?  Any of you out there questioning the large purchase price of those pedal tractors for those grandkids or your own children, please take my personal testament to consideration.  My kids have a whole barn full of pedal tractors, as this was their only means of transportation around the farm before they learned how to ride bikes or drive their tractors.  In that time, their legs grew strong and now, they are winning the state pedal tractor pulling competition at the largest indoor agricultural event in the country. In my opinion, justification for those expensive pedal tractors! Just something to think about before purchasing that really expensive mind crippling video game…

Yes, obviously I am quite proud of my youngin’s, but in future posts, I will share with you some of stupid things and messes that they get themselves into.  I don’t want their heads getting big or mine for that matter. And besides, who ever heard of any youngins’ going to college on a pedal tractor pulling scholarship?  I don’t reckon these state championships will lead to anything other than bragging rights!


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3 responses to “They are the champions, my friends!

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comment.

    Just the thought of a college pedal tractor pulling scholarship makes me laugh. Hey, maybe we could start one? Thanks for the great blog and the smiles.


  2. Liz

    Hi Cheesychick~ Congratulations on your kids’ Pedal Tractor Pull Wins! I watched those kids pump until the wheels spin!
    We live in NW PA….up by Lake Erie.
    And the gal who put on the wonderful and education Maple Syrup Demo (Janet Woods) is a friend and neighbor of ours!
    We watched many many hours of the PA FARM SHOW……lucky it’s shown on cable!
    Nice to connect with you!
    Liz in PA

  3. Howdy Liz!
    Tryed to reply to you thru email but for reason, it’s not going thru. Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you enjoyed watching PA Farm Show. We had such a great time there. I have not seen it on TV. (We don’t have cable, but alot of our friends got to see it.) Again, thanks for the comment.

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