Baby…it’s cold outside!

Today,  we  were able to do a little ice skating on our pond.  The youngins’  had the neighbor girl  and their cousins over to play a little ice hockey.  Good, clean, COLD, fun!Ice skating







We had a few hockey sticks from way back when I was little but not enough to go around for all the kids.  It did not seem to matter to them as they used pieces of slabwood as sticks and a smashed soda pop can as their hockey puck. (or it might have been a beer can, I’m not sure!”

ice hockey







Cranky and I took the youngins’ to their first minor league hockey game in December, just to give them a little culture.  We never do things like that because, frankly, it just costs too much.  But the hockey team was having a promotion and we got the tickets pretty cheap.  Anyway, I did not realize how much they picked up just from that one game.  I was torn between horrified and amused when I saw our five year daughter checking and tripping her older brothers!  And the fighting today…well, it reminded me of a saying I have always wanted to use.  “I went to the fights today and a hockey game broke out!”  Seriously, where would I have ever had the chance to use that phrase on the farm?

ice hockey







The youngins’ took this ice hockey game very seriously.  You would have thought they were playing for the Stanley Cup.  (Boy, when I use these hockey terms, it makes it sound like I am a knowledgeable, hockey fan.  If you must know the truth, I just had to confirm what the hockey championship was called with Cranky…I had no idea what it was called!?) So, needless to say, there was alot of checking, hitting, tripping, a couple bloody mouths and one huge goony on a head!  I think Cranky and I should have throughly thought about the reprocussions of that one minor league hockey game would forever have on our youngins’ impressionable minds.








And what did the adults do when the youngins’ were pulling all these antics?  Oh, the sad thing is, we stood around the bonfire and just watched.  “We went to the fights and a hockey game broke out!”

Anyway, it was good,clean, COLD fun!

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  1. Deere Driver

    Hubby has the “Born to Farm” t-shirt – love it, but it should have been mine. I have the Deere. He has the M-F.

    You must be colder than us. We are frozen, but we are spring fed and that water just hasn’t frozen hard enough for me to trust it. Was it last year, hubby stepped on the ice, and next thing I know, we are running to the house, stripping clothes and trying to dry him off.

    That was fun…

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