My start-up hodge podge


Turkey buzzards on our cows
Turkey buzzards on our cows
Joe the dog
Joe the dog

I still feel funny about this blog. It’s like moving into a new house that is not finished. You are so excited that you move in without some minor stuff not finished…like the drywall, and the wiring, and no kitchen.  Not that I know anything at all about this.  Especially since I have never moved into a new house as I have never, ever lived in a new house.  But I have lived (and still do) live in old farmhouses that  aren’t completely remodeled or finished (and probably never will be finished for that matter.)

Whoa…I am so off track.  My point? What was my point?  Oh, oh, it’s coming to me.  I started this blog without finishing all the minor little things that need to be completed.  You know what? I don’t care, as it’s my blog, and I will do what I want. That is until the “blog police” come after me.  I know they exist. My blog pal, Throwback at Trapper Creek has threatnened about them before, so I know they are out there.

So, today will just be random collecton of the first photos I have on my camera.  I just got the camera and I don’t have a clue how to use it either. I could read the owner’s manual but that’s just hokey.

Here goes with the randomness.  Did you ever notice that you can make the word “madness” out of “randomness”?  There must be some correlation.

Alrighty then, I’ve obviously already messed up. That photo of our one dog was supposed to be in this space. Okay, I’ll try again.  You can call me a loser.  I am totally okay with that moniker.

Okay, I am going to give up for now.  Obviously, I am not going to get the photos where I want them.  That’s me…just throw up my hands, give up, whine, complain about the whole situation and then I will come back later…with a sledgehammer.


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4 responses to “My start-up hodge podge

  1. Renee

    Hang in there….I am going to start my blog soon…yours looks great so far…i mean you have turkey buzzards…i have…..chickens…in a city in a neighborhood…

  2. Our turkey buzzards leave and fly south for the winter. Is that a current picture?

    I looked into the crystal blog ball, and I see many more posts from you – the posts are already getting longer… 🙂

  3. cheesychick

    Yep, that’s current photo as I have not had the digital camera for long. The turkey buzzards stay all year long. I kinda like them and I wouldn’t mind having one as a pet. I’m touched, I know.
    Although, it does get a little spooky when we are at the barn, and they line up with their wings spread, just waiting for one of us to fall over.
    I hope your crystal ball is right, as there was a whole story about the turkey buzzards but do you see it on my blog anywhere? Nope, that’s because the computer won our last battle. I might be in touch…I need help. (And not just with the turkey buzzard fetish.)

  4. That’s our joke around here, in the spring when the buzzards come back, and we want to lay in the grass, we always keep one eye open, just in case. 🙂

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